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About Us

Barber Shop Aid® Brand Products

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. Our team is excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remains available to assist at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you right away.  Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.  

A Little History

Barber Shop Aid® was established in 2002. As a Master Barber and Barber Shop Owner, I realized that there were not many products on the market that catered to barbers. There were only a few name brands and Clubman was the most favored. I thought it would be nice if I could start my own product line and bring some new fresh products to the market. So I began to research and develop Barber Shop Aid® Brand Products. I developed my products based on the observation of my customers needs. They would always ask me what I recommended for their hair care needs and I would send them to the beauty supply stores to get the products that I thought was best for them.

It was many years later that I realized the power of my recommendation. I would send them to the stores to buy products for their hair care and skin care needs and not earn a thing for my recommendations. So I figured If I develop my own line of products, I could sell them to my customers and make a profit off of my recommendations and I could help them solve their hair care problems and provide them with hair care solutions that I know truly works.

It’s been about 16 years now since the thought of starting my own product line took seed and it has been a long journey but time seems to fly when you’re doing what you love. Transitioning from a barber to a product researcher and developer and a small manufacturer was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There were a lot of sacrifices. I’ve failed many times but failure was a teacher that taught me what not to do again. I operated as a one man show for a decade. I developed all of the formulas, designed the labels, came up with the names, the colors, the fragrances, sold the products, and created the website, everything that it took to get my brand out there. I’ve worked long hours and 7 days a week for years without any vacation but as I stated earlier, “I love what I do”.

Our Current Products

Today we have 4 different categories of products that we offer. We have the aftershave line which includes 3 different variations of aftershave with amazing benefits along with a razor bump treatment that helps reduces inflammation caused ingrown hairs which is also known as razor bumps.  Next we have the Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth Line which helps to encourage thicker, fuller, softer, healthy growing hair. We also have the Hair Grooming Line which currently only features our Waving Butter Amazing Hair Pomade. And last but not least we just recently added a Beard Grooming Line of Products that is everything any man wanting to grow a beard needs to get started and any man who has a fully grown beard needs to maintain a soft, healthy shiny attractive beard.

Moving Forward

Moving forward in 2018, I have had to make some really tough but smart decisions. I started redesigning our packaging and added our new logo so that we could move forward into 2018 with a brand new look. I also have decided to work with other chemist and manufactures that will make some of our products for us.. They will use our same great formulas but they will be able to make them in much larger quantities than we can currently make. This will allow us more time to work on customer service, marketing and will allow us to reach more people.  •Better Made •Better Packaged •Better Managed

2018 Price Increase

Unfortunately, we have to increase our prices in order to move forward. As I stated earlier, we started establishing Barber Shop Aid Brand Products in 2002 and all of our products are still the same price as when we started out. Well that’s been over 10 years. All of our suppliers have increased the cost of materials, shipping and everything it takes to make our products over3 to 5 times or more and we have to make adjustments in order to have longevity in this business. Everything in life goes up unfortunately and also we have to make adjustments. 

With that being said, we hope that you will understand and I would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart for the continued business and support.