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Barber Shop Aid® is the premier source for the full range of fine products as well as other select shaving, personal care and grooming products.

D. Wright Image Products LLC started as D. Wright Image Barber & Styling Shop in 1996, and began product research and development in 2000. Founder, President David Wright realized that his clients relied on him for more than a haircut and shave. They also relied on his advice on how to solve their hair and scalp problems. They would always ask questions like. Can you tell me what I can buy for my son’s dandruff and dry scalp? What can I use on my dry hair? How can I train my hair to have waves and what kind of wave pomade should I buy? What can I do about these razor bumps? My hair is thinning what I need to use? “For many years I would send my clients to beauty supply stores to buy products that I thought would solve their hair and scalp problem best without getting any profit for my recommendations. That is when I decided to make the power of my recommendation work for me by using the knowledge obtain from my firsthand experiences as a Master Barber and Barber Shop Owner to help aid in the research and development of Barber Shop Aid® Brand Products.” “Your first aid for healthy hair & scalp.”

Barber Shop Aid® offers a wide range of popular grooming products that remain true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. The newest additions to the line include a Black Shampoo Dye that requires now mixing and can be used on hair and beards to remove unwanted gray hairs in just five minutes, Classic Man Aftershave is the supreme after shave. It gives you that vintage, classic barbershop smell with an updated modern twist. With our New Japanese Stainless Steel Hair Shaper Blades, it’s never a dull moment when shaving and Barber Shop Aid® Blade Holder made especially for our Hair Shaper Bladed and fits all standard personna blades.

In addition to their staple aftershaves, razor bump treatment product, Waving Butter Pomade and beard grooming products, Barber Shop Aid® offers a variety of superior hair care products as well. The brand’s Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth Dressing, Hair growth Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, Leve in Spray, Edge Control and Foam Wrap specially formulated to help aid in regrowth of hair for men and women hair care needs.

Barber Shop Aid® aftershaves range from classic and subtle to exotic and intoxicating. While best-selling No Burn After Shave Lotion has maintained its popularity, Barber Shop Aid® fans also love the brand’s signature scents such as Classic Man, Sport Heat and Fresh Cool Breeze. Lifelong Barber Shop Aid® fans loyalty to the brand proves that exceptional quality transcends time and never goes out of style.

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