Fresh Cool Breeze™ Aftershave/Astringent 13 OZ


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Barber Shop Aid® Fresh Cool Breeze promotes skin repair, forms a protective barrier that keeps germs out, kills germs that have already infiltrated and prevent scars, soothes and relieves minor irritations. This multipurpose antiseptic wash calms, cools and leaves skin cleaner and fresher than ever before.
Uses: Use after shaving, after relaxer burn, use to treat dandruff after shampooing, after eyebrow arching, shaving legs, to cleanse and prep nails for color, to remove excess hair color after dying hair, you can even use after insect bites to stop itching, it can be used as a dry shampoo for natural hair. It is very cleansing and will also deodorize hair and scalp and it can be used to effectively cleanse scalp if you have dandruff and cradle cap.
Key Benefits: *Fights germs *Cleans and invigorates skin *Stops itching *Helps prevent razor bumps *Soothes and relieves minor irritations *Tones skin *Promotes skin repair
Key Ingredients: *Witch Hazel Distillate *Aloe Vera Gel *Tea Tree Oil *Chamomile Extract *Allantoin *Menthol USP *Tangerine and Guava Scent


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